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Mama Simba Women Continue Litter Removal Campaign

Aug 27, 2014 | Categories: Community, Westgate Conservancy | 6 Comments

Women from our Mama Simba program participated and received a reusable shopping bag.

Last week we organized another clean-up effort with women from our Mama Simba program to remove litter from the landscape and replace plastic bags with reusable tote bags.

The women collected more than 2,000 pieces of plastics and metals from in and around Sasaab village in Westgate Conservancy, Samburu. The women learned how plastics can be harmful when burned or when thrown into the rivers.

Like last time, Sasaab Lodge assisted in the effort and took the trash away for recycling.

The excitement of the women was contagious. Spirits were high, kids were laughing and helping, and after 3 hours of collecting plastics…not a single smile had left their faces. “Before I would always wait for Sasaab river to flow which is a...

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Working with Women for a Cleaner Kenya

Mar 20, 2014 | Categories: Community, Westgate Conservancy | 6 Comments

Women with the bags of trash they collected.

In Westgate Conservancy, where Ewaso Lions is based, the landscape is littered with plastic bags. Women purchase sugar, tea, and other items from local shops that always package them in plastic bags, and these are often discarded carelessly. Plastic bags can remain in the environment for thousands of years – they do not degrade, they break up into smaller pieces that spread widely across the area, and are hazardous for the wildlife, livestock, and small children living in Samburu. And in a stunning landscape like Samburu, they discarded bags is a major eyesore.

Because women primarily do the household shopping, we decided to work with them towards a solution to the plastic litter problem. Between the 17th and 21st of February 2014,...

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Ewaso Lions Launches A New Women’s Programme: Mama Simba

Mar 14, 2014 | Categories: Community, Education | 2 Comments

We train women in a variety of conservation issues including the importance of carnivores for the ecosystem.

Until now, Ewaso Lions has engaged warriors, elders, and children. When women from the area were keen to get involved in conservation, they approached us for conservation training and education. Now, Ewaso Lions is working with Samburu women in a number of ways through our new programme, Mama Simba – which means Mothers of Lions.

Samburu women have rarely been actively included in conservation activities in northern Kenya. Yet, they spend a significant amount of time in wildlife areas as their demanding lifestyle includes fetching water, collecting firewood, and looking after livestock at times, which means they often come in contact with wildlife. And because women remain in the villages for much of the time while warriors and elders ...

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Witnessing an Elephant Give Birth – And Hearing a Samburu Tale

Mar 7, 2014 | Categories: Community, Reserves | 5 Comments

The newborn elephant.

The following story of a truly rare and spectacular event happened during our first Mama Simba game drive, when we took 32 Samburu women into the park to see lions. They got more than they bargained for. This blog was written by Jeneria Lekilele, Ewaso Lions Senior Field Officer.

After driving all over Samburu National Reserve looking for lions, we went for a short break to a beautiful clearing in the park. The ladies were quiet and kept asking us to see lions. We all split up and eventually found the lions. Everyone was so excited. In my car I had a lady with a little baby who started crying. I decided to drive further away from the lions so the lions would not be disturbed.

As I started driving towards the main river I saw many elep...

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Taking 32 Samburu Women on Their First Safari

Jan 22, 2014 | Categories: Community, Education, Lions, Reserves | 7 Comments

On the game drive

Last week we took 32 Samburu women from Westgate Conservancy on a safari to Samburu National Reserve.  The ladies had never been before!  A few had driven through the Reserve on their way to Archers Post, yet they had never seen wildlife close-up.  We asked the women what they wanted to see – some said buffalo – we quickly told them this would be difficult as buffaloes disappeared from Samburu in 2009.  Most of them however said they wanted to see lions and leopard!

We set off early in convoy – there were four cars filled with animated, beautifully dressed women who were excited about their day’s adventure.  We met with the warden of Samburu, Mr Gabriel Lepariyo, who chatted to the women about the Reserve, its wildlife a...

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