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Announcing the new Lion Kids Camp 2013

Apr 4, 2013 | Categories: Community, Education, Westgate Conservancy | 1 Comment

A lion made of beans! One of the entries for the art competition.

Our Lion Kids programme started in 2009 through the support of our friend Todd Cromwell's Kenyan Kids. Initially, the programme involved taking children on safaris into Samburu National Reserve to give them a positive wildlife experience. Surprisingly, many children who live just on the edge of the Reserve have never even been inside.

More than 100 children have been taken on safari through this programme. We give the children digital cameras and binoculars so they can take their own photos, which we later print for them, so they share and remember their experiences in the Reserve.  To date, Sasaab Lodge and Samburu Intrepids have supported this programme, and children from Sasaab village, Lpus Leluai, and Kiltamany Primary schools ...

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Ewaso Lions Sponsors Young Girl To Attend Secondary School

Feb 2, 2012 | Categories: Community, Education, Westgate Conservancy | Leave A Comment »

Painoti is excited to be given the opportunity to go to school.

We have recently sponsored a young 15 year old Samburu girl, Painoti Letabare, to attend secondary school in Maralal, Samburu District. Painoti comes from the Westgate area in Westgate Conservancy and lives with her parents and younger siblings. She is the first from the family to be given the opportunity to attend secondary school after she completed primary school a few months ago.

Painoti studied at the Lpus Leluai Primary School where she attained 260 marks in the Primary School exams and was the top girl in the school. Her family who only have a few goats as livestock were unable to afford to send her to secondary school after she received admission in one of Samburu District’s best girls’ schools – Kisima High. Ewaso Lion...

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Book Donation to Lpus Leluai

Oct 3, 2011 | Categories: Community, Donors, Education, Westgate Conservancy | 1 Comment

Science books donated to kids at Lpus Primary School.

Thanks to the Desai Memorial Foundation, in Nairobi, Ewaso Lions was able to donate a large number of school text books that were lacking at the Lpus Leluai Primary School in Westgate Community Conservancy.  The headmaster, Johnson Lenasalia, met with all his teachers at the school and came up with a list of all the books that the growing number of children required.  With the final year examinations coming up, these books were urgently needed. The books were delivered recently and there are some happy children at Lpus Leluai now!

This is our second book donation to the school. Click here to read about the first donation.

Many thanks to the Desai Memorial Foundation for their continued support and donation....

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Opening the Simba Library

Jan 17, 2011 | Categories: Community, Education, Westgate Conservancy | 3 Comments

Opening library

On the 22nd of November, Lpus Leluai Primary School located in Westgate Community Conservancy officially opened their new the Simba library, which Ewaso Lions made possible.  There were several dignitaries present for this occasion including Honorable Letimalo, the MP (Member of Parliament) for Samburu, the DC for Samburu and the Area Education Officers.

The new buildings were opened followed by the new Simba Library that Ewaso Lions started a few months ago.  Thanks to donations from my mother and other family members, and the Desai Memorial Foundation, the library is now stocked with enough books for the school, which has grown tremendously over the past few years.  Previously, more than 4 or 5 children would share 1 book.  Now...

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Simba Stories Book Now Available

Aug 30, 2010 | Categories: Community, Education | 4 Comments

Shivani presents Simba Stories to Johnson Lenasalia, the headmaster of Lpus Leluai Primary School, whose students work is featured in the book.

The Simba Stories book is now complete! We are very excited about the final product and have already distributed copies of the book locally. Simba Stories is a collection of poems, stories and illustrations made by students from Lpus Leluai Primary School, and put together by Ewaso Lions.

The book is now for sale.  Click on the link below to buy your copy! Proceeds from book sales go to our conservation education programmes.  

A very special thanks to Panthera for funding the initial print, Lindsay Morency for putting the book together, and SB Management for donating the art supplies....

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