Special Lion Kids Camp Reunion

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This month we held a very special edition of our Lion Kids Camp – a Reunion Camp. We brought together 122 Kenyan children who had all previously participated in a Lion Kids Camp since our first one in 2013. The children joined us from 11 schools, spread across three counties (Samburu, Isiolo and Nyeri).

Everyone was so excited to see each other and reunite for four days of conservation education, games, career advice, and much more. The camp not only served to reinforce important conservation messages but also allowed the kids, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and a wide range of ages, to interact and share their stories. For the children from Honi and Laburra Primary Schools, located in Nyeri County close to Mt Kenya, this was their first time to Samburu – many didn’t even know where Samburu was before the camp!

Three of our sponsored students – Painoti, Saniki and Joy – were in attendance. The girls were a fantastic help with the younger children and are proving to be great role models. As Painoti approaches the end of her secondary school education, and Saniki and Joy midway through theirs, we spent some time with the girls discussing their futures and careers.

We believe that the future of Kenya’s wildlife is in the hands of children like these and hope that, through our Camps, we will continue to inspire the next generation of wildlife ambassadors.

Watch this video to see some of the highlights of the camp:

We wish to thank the following, who helped make this Lion Kids Camp possible:
This Lion Kids Camp Reunion would not have been possible without support from Disney Conservation Fund, our Camp’s main donor.
Disney Conservation Fund – the Camp’s main sponsor
• Westgate Community Conservancy staff and management for hosting the camp at their Headquarters.
African Wildlife Foundation for loaning us their education bus to transport the children and, in particular, to Isaac for ensuring everyone made it to camp safely despite the rough terrain.
• Ali & Tony Allport for all their support and amazing photographs.
• Kelvin Lemantaan for all his support and for providing additional transport and to his drivers David and Mr Kenyatta.
• Maingi for all his invaluable logistical support.
• All eleven schools and, in particular, the teachers who accompanied their children to the camp and were involved in all the activities.

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Kids were so excited to see each other again that there was loads of laughter, singing and dancing.


After a morning of presentations, everyone participated in a creative art workshop with Samson our art genius, followed by conservation games in the afternoon. Photo by Tony Allport.

Three of our sponsored students – Painoti (left), Saniki (middle) and Joy – attended our Lion Kids Camp Reunion this week.

Tom from Lorubae Primary School was so happy to be back for another Lion Kids Camp. Photo by Tony Allport.

Here are ALL 122 kids from the past 3 years who have attended our Lion Kids Camps. Photo by Tony Allport.

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» Emmanuel Ngumbi said: { Sep 1, 2015 - 08:09:19 }

Congratulations for this great milestone in lion conservation. I still have great memories of the April 2015 Lion Kids Camp