New Cubs Born and Naramat’s Cubs Revealed

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Nine months ago, Naramat gave birth to cubs far out in the community area west of Samburu National Reserve. All this time, the lions hid in the hills and swamps of Westgate Community Conservancy. Our warriors and Lion Scouts monitored Naramat and her cubs, keeping a close eye on them to ensure their safety by communicating their whereabouts with herders, keeping livestock at a safe distance, and talking to communities about their importance to the area.

Our team only ever laying eyes on their tracks. Until now.

Just a few days ago, we saw their tracks in the Conservation Area near our Camp. We found them along the Ewaso Nyiro River. The cubs had never seen a car before and were very curious, if a little hesitant.

A very cautious and curious cub – this may have been the first time it’s ever seen a car.

In eight years, this is the second time that a female has given birth to cubs and raised them successfully in Westgate Conservancy. The community has accepted their presence and keep us informed of the lions’ movements. The cubs seem to be thriving, and we are encouraged by this success story of lions coexisting with local communities.

Naramat has lived with her three cubs in the Westgate community area, keeping them safe with some assistance from our team.

The cubs are about 9 months old.

Meanwhile, Nanai has given birth to three little cubs inside Samburu National Reserve. The cubs are about 3 months-old and appear healthy and active. Watch this video to see the adorable little cubs.

Nanai’s three little cubs. Click on image to go to video.

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» Sauwah said: { Jan 30, 2016 - 12:01:07 }

So adorable, wishing them well . Live long & prosper

» Chris Miller said: { Feb 1, 2016 - 05:02:34 }

Very glad to see this video! Was in Samburu this past October for a day,Visiting Joys’ Camp,and did not spot any lions. I hope that they make it.