Lion Killed on Highway

May 14, 2012 | Categories: Lions | Leave A Comment »

Jalalo, one of the females in the Ngare Mara Pride, recently lost one of her 1-year old male cubs. The lions were crossing the main tarmac highway (Isiolo-Archers Post) at night, accessing a swamp opposite the Chokaa Gate entrance, when a speeding vehicle hit the cub. We went to investigate the following day and identified the lion as Jalalo’s cub. She remains with one cub.

Many bumps have been put along this road, however the section outside Chokaa Gate remains without any. We hope that this will change in the future as each dry season, many animals will cross the highway in search of water. To date, we’ve recorded Grevy’s zebra, aardwolf and numerous spotted hyena that have been hit on this road.

Identifying the lion with KWS ranger.

Jeneria looks at the spot where the lion was hit.