Jeneria’s exploits go global

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Jeneria’s breakneck speed, passion and efficiency inspires us all every day, and is helping to build up the next generation of those who want to be just like him. We salute him, and the world salutes him too.

This October, Jeneria’s life’s work was the subject and feature of Geo Magazine in Germany.  Thanks to friend and incredible photographer David Chancellor, not only is there a stunning image of him on the cover page, but the magazine also includes a 6-page main feature article on what he has done to secure the future of lions by promoting coexistence between them and the people that live alongside them.

We love Jeneria’s humility and laser focus on his work. When Shivani told Jeneria of this new exciting occurrence, he simply shrugged, “That’s nice. Now, let me tell you about the lions I’ve just been with!”

In August, Jeneria was among 50 wildlife rangers across the continent to receive the African Ranger Award from the Paradise Foundation. Billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Jack Ma honoured Jeneria for his valiant work promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. Out of all the rangers feted, Jeneria was selected as one of the top 10 to attend the special awards ceremony in South Africa.

Jeneria sits next to Jack Ma at inaugural Ranger Award event in Cape Town. © Henk Kruger

While Jeneria has received great recognition, and has come home from the Ranger Awards with $3,000 for project work, the work of saving lions is a much more costly business. We need your help. This Giving Tuesday, we ask you to support Jeneria, Munteli and the whole team at Ewaso Lions as we work to build true coexistence between people and lions. Please donate to help us protect lions on Tuesday the 27th of November.