Ewaso Lions Team Building Day

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Taylor Tully writes about the Ewaso Lions Team Building Day that took place a few weeks ago in Westgate Community Conservancy, Samburu.

On November 6th, Ewaso Lions held its first Team Building event. The day had 16 members of the Ewaso Lions team, including our Lion Scouts, Warriors and core staff, competing in various events that tested their ability to work as a team, as well as their physical prowess. The focus of the event was to build teamwork and strengthen communication, respect and trust among the staff.

The day started off with morning chai and discussions about teamwork, led by Shivani and myself. To begin the competition, the team was divided up into four teams of four, each appropriately named after an African mammal. The first event was a scavenger hunt, followed by a relay race, fire-building challenge, blindfolded exercises and tug of war. All of the staff really took to the games and you could feel the competitive energy in the air.

Taylor and team

Discussing Team Building with the Ewaso Lions team


The “Lion Team” strategize prior to the Scavenger Hunt

Fire challenge

Fire Challenge

Throughout the day, the competition was close and each team had its successes and challenges, but in the end, “Team Leopard” pulled ahead and won the team prize; four brand new kikois (coloured cloth). Overall, the day was a great success and all of us saw an improvement in our communication, teamwork and sense of kinship.

Competitive team

The Ewaso Lions Team enjoying the events

Winning team leopard

The winning “Leopard Team” (from left to right): Yesalai, Ljarusi, Moses and Reria

Though I was busy running the event, my favorite part of the day was definitely the relay-race, which involved three stages: a three-legged race, a sack race and a “piggy-back” race. We all shared many laughs during this event. I also really enjoyed watching the teams complete the blindfold exercises, which involved team members directing a blindfolded teammate to walk through a “minefield” and erect a tent.

Tent erecting

Jeneria helps Francis erect a tent blind-folded

I really enjoyed coordinating and participating in such a fun event and thank Sasaab Lodge for funding it.