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The Ewaso Lions (known as Echo Lima ) camp has been set up! After doing a lot of running around in Nairobi last week buying solar panels, food, tents and more, I finally made it to Samburu a few days ago. I packed up all my stuff at the elephant research camp where I used to live and drove off to West Gate Conservancy where I would be setting up base for the next few months. After some discussions, a base was established approximately 100 metres away from the staff houses at the stunning Sasaab lodge. We found a suitable site which was relatively flat. Two tents have been put up, one for me and the other for the guys. A little makeshift mess tent as well and a kitchen too pretty much made out of dead trees and branches and a bit of canvas. I am getting water from the staff area of Sasaab Lodge and also they have kindly allowed me to use their internet which is brilliant. The camp is great and already feeling like home!

I have taken a loan out to buy a solar panel, enough to charge my one computer, a rechargeable spot light and a light in the mess tent. Its working really well so far and I am very pleased with the solar set-up. This has all been a learning experience for me and up until a few days ago, I didn’t know how a solar panel, battery, inverter, charge controller all worked! But now I do and its great. I would be so grateful to receive any donations for the solar panel – the entire set-up cost $700.

This will be home for the next 3 months and although it was pretty scary setting this up, I am also excited too. We have heard hyena every night since being here and have seen tracks pretty close to camp. I also went out to drive around and discover West Gate Conservancy and found perfect lion areas where the scouts have been seeing tracks and sightings too. Kudus are around, hyrax everywhere (there is a kopje right next to camp with beautiful views!) and camels too!

My plan for the next few months is to work closely with the scouts, radio-collar some lions and hold some community workshops and also to try and provide an estimate for lion numbers in this community area. Every 2 weeks I will return to Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserve for 2 nights to keep tabs of the resident reserve lions.

Below are a few photos of the camp… on the way to West Gate, unpacking the car, the mess tent, solar set-up, working on my laptop, view of the whole bush camp.







More news from West Gate in the next few days….

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» sauwah said: { Jun 12, 2008 - 09:06:53 }

you remind me very much of the early frontier people to our wild wild west! please tell us more about the wonderful guys you’re working with.

so where is your toilet? and where do you get water for your daily essentials? how’s the weather? hot or cold? what about the rain?

can you give me an educated guess of the chances of a female sub adult cub’s survival rate if her age is barely a year and a half?

Please tell us the estimate lion number and pride number also? cub mortality rate and conflict between the lions and their second worse enemies, the hyanes?

» ewasolions said: { Jun 22, 2008 - 01:06:51 }

Hi Sauwah, Sorry its taken a while to write back!
I just updated the project website with details of the guys I work with (photos coming soon), please click here

The toilet is a hole in the ground covered with some hessian cloth (I’ll send you photos!). Luckily water is not too far away. I am getting it from the staff quarters of the Sasaab Lodge which is about 200 metres away.
Weather – very hot during the day! About 30 degrees celcius on most days.
Normally rains here in April and November. However unfortunately it rained for only 1 day in April this year in West Gate and so, it is very dry and dusty.
More information on the lions soon. I’ll blog separately about that. Thanks for your interest Sauwah!

» Barbara von Hoffmann said: { Nov 25, 2014 - 07:11:07 }

I am excited for you after reading about your new camp! Congratulations and good luck with all your work!!! Hope to see you when in Samburu, but I also know how busy you are….

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