Supporting Students

Ewaso Lions recognises the critical link between education and conservation. Tomorrow’s wildlife leaders must be equipped with a solid education today, empowering them to make informed choices to tackle the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and people.

Scholarships – the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund
Many students in northern Kenya finish primary school but lack the funds to attend secondary school. Through our new Jeremy Lucas Education Fund we sponsor promising students to attend highly ranked secondary schools. The students will be selected on merit and one of the main sources will be graduates of the Lion Kids Camps. Their tuition is covered for four full academic years. Our model also ensures that after the students complete secondary school, we work with the students to build up their careers. To date, three students have completed secondary school under our programme.

>Read more about the Jeremy Lucas Fund

>Read about our sponsored student, Painoti

Lion Kids Camp
We hold a multi-day conservation camp for local children so they can have a positive, close-up experience with wildlife. Most children have spent their entire lives living near the national reserves, but have never been inside to experience the wildlife that live there. We’re changing that. Read more.

Library and Book Donations
Ewaso Lions worked to build the Simba Library at a local school and has stocked it with a large volume of books. Read about the opening of the Library here.

Simba Stories
Simba Stories is a collection of poems, stories and illustrations made by students from Lpus Leluai Primary School, and compiled by Ewaso Lions. Profits from the book go directly back into our conservation programmes. Read more. Or buy one today.

> We thank our donors who provide funds, supplies, and scholarships to support Samburu schools and students. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring opportunities, contact us.