Educating youth, empowering communities, encouraging conservation.

Ewaso Lions recognises the critical link between education and conservation. Tomorrow’s wildlife leaders must be equipped with a solid education today, empowering them to make informed choices to tackle the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and people.

Jeremy Lucas Education Fund

The Jeremy Lucas Education Fund (set-up in January 2017) takes the place of the Ewaso Lions Scholarship Programme. The students will be selected on merit by the Ewaso Lions team together with sisters Shivani and Shalini and one of the main sources will be graduates of the Lion Kids Camps. In each intake, the main focus will be on sponsoring girls, giving them much needed education opportunities that they might otherwise not have access to. Each intake will also look at sponsoring one boy. An important part of the programme will be the regular monitoring of each student by the Ewaso Lions team ensuring that they continuously achieve in their school work, are supported with any challenges that may arise and receive relevant career advice and ongoing mentorship.

Jeremy Lucas Education Fund

Jeremy Lucas Education Fund

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