Ewaso Lions Camp

Our old camp
In June 2008, we set up a small base in Westgate Community Conservancy.  The camp was very basic – we had a few small second-hand tents, a mess structure which was divided in to an open kitchen and an office/dining area.  We collected water in a wheelbarrow every day from the nearby lodge, and had 1 small solar panel to power our computers.  Hyaenas, mongoose and genets enjoyed creating havoc in our kitchen every day and rain storms and strong winds often led to our tents and makeshift garage collapsing.

The old camp mess/kitchen/office

The new camp
As the project and number of team members increased, we outgrew our small camp and the community in Westgate encouraged us to build a permanent camp. Construction begun in October 2014 on top of a hill near the Westgate Headquarters. The location was chosen together with community members and Westgate management and was well sited so as not to interfere with any livestock grazing grounds.  The construction of the camp was completed within 2.5 months and we moved in to our new Ewaso Lions Conservation Camp in February 2015.

The new Ewaso Lions Camp

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Watch this short video showing the bushbabies in our camp!