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Research is key to protecting Kenya’s lions through conservation. Read about our lion monitoring, human-wildlife conflict study, and Lion Scout program.

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From Goat Herding to Lion Conservation: The Story of a Samburu Warrior. Part 1

Dec 14, 2014 | Categories: Staff | 1 Comment

Photo of Jeneria smiling

Meet Jeneria Lekilelei, a young Samburu warrior who comes from the Sasaab area in Westgate Community Conservancy, Samburu, Kenya. Jeneria started working with Ewaso Lions in 2008 as a Lion Scout and has since taken a substantial leadership role in his current position as Field Operations and Community Manager. Jeneria is a wildlife hero and true ambassador for lions, wildlife and conservation in Kenya. In this two part series, Jeneria tells us his story.

You come from Sasaab village here in Westgate Conservancy. Can you describe what it was like growing up here as a child/young moran (warrior)?

When I was a young boy, I used to herd livestock. Conservation was so unknown to me. I didn’t care about wildlife. I grew up looking aft...

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Five Students Receiving Scholarships from Wildlife

Dec 5, 2014 | Categories: Education | Leave A Comment »

Photo of Kenyan student, Solomon Lmantari

Education is Crucial for Conservation

Tomorrow’s wildlife leaders must be equipped with a solid education today, empowering them to make informed choices to tackle the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and people. Ewaso Lions has incorporated education into our conservation programs from the beginning. Looking ahead, we are refining our approach to conservation education. Our new Conservation Education Program aims to maximize impact, streamline project administration, and evaluate for effectiveness.

Meet Kalastar

We have hired a new Education Officer, Kalastar Lekalaille, to design, coordinate, and help carry out all our conservation education activities. These include supervising all students sponsored by Ewaso Lions, ...

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