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Lions and Crocodile Battle Over Elephant Carcass

Aug 21, 2014 | Categories: Lions, Reserves | Leave A Comment »

Nanai (left) and Lguret face off with the crocodile.

A young bull elephant died of natural causes in the middle of the Ewaso Nyiro River, in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. As is protocol, the Kenya Wildlife Service came and removed the elephant's tusks immediately - to prevent poachers from collecting them.

A dead elephant is a potentially huge meal for lions, and we knew they would come. But were unsure which lions would come first – lions from Samburu or the ones from Buffalo Springs.

Lguret, the dominant male in the area, was first on the scene and stayed close to the elephant carcass, guarding it from crocodiles and marabou storks. Eventually, Nanai, Nabulu and their 5 cubs arrived and all lions stayed close to the elephant.

Nanai and Lguret were the most aggressive and foug...

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World Lion Day 2014

Aug 14, 2014 | Categories: Community, Staff, Westgate Conservancy | Leave A Comment »

We celebrated World Lion Day with the community members who are the true lion conservationists. We thank them for all they do every day.

August 10th marked the second World Lion Day. To celebrate, we hosted a gathering in Westgate Conservancy, our headquarters, of more than 40 people -- Samburu warriors, elders and women -- where we discussed lions, the importance of conservation for, our community programmes, and much more.

Members of the Ewaso Lions team gave presentations on their work (Lpuresi and Letoiye gave their first-ever talks!) and discussed the lions of Westgate. We ended the day with a search for 6 "lions" made out of cardboard. The team who found the 6 lions the quickest and had drawn all ears and whisker spots were the winners -- it was a great day!

Thanks to Westgate Community Conservancy and Sasaab Lodge for sharing this important day with us.


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