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Kenyan Kids See Rhinos and Lions for the First Time

Jan 28, 2015 | Categories: Education | Leave A Comment »

Lion Kids Camp on Solio Ranch in Kenya. Photo by Tony Allport.

In December 2014, Ewaso Lions took our Lion Kids Camp to Solio Game Reserve – a ranch located between Mt Kenya and the Aberdares. This Lion Kids camp was an opportunity for the children who have lived on the edge of Solio for most of their lives, to not only experience the wildlife first hand, but to learn about the animals and to understand how important they are to them and their families.

To be selected for the Camp, students participated in a creative arts competition entitled “Conservation and Tourism”, and kids were selected based on the best entries. The response to the art competition was overwhelming, with 149 amazing stories, poems, drawings and sculptures to choose from. We had four teachers join the group of 32 kids ...

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Lions Return to Westgate’s Conservation Area

Jan 5, 2015 | Categories: Lions, Westgate Conservancy | 4 Comments

Naramat has moved into the Westgate Conservancy with her son Lentim.

After an almost 2-year absence, lions have returned to the Conservation Area in Westgate. This area, also called the Core Area, is a 9km2 piece of habitat that was set aside by local people for wildlife and conservation.

Some of you might recall stories of a lioness named Magilani who made the Core Area her home between 2009 and 2011. Since Magilani disappeared, no lions have become residents in the Core Area.

But will this change?

Over the past few weeks we tracked several lions as they passed near our Camp here in Westgate Conservancy, using nearby luggas (dry riverbeds), then they entered the Core Area. We identified the lions as Naramat and Lentim, who were later joined by Napirai and Loiwotwa – Nashipai’s young cubs.


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