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Vehicles Separates Lion Cub From Mother

Sep 30, 2014 | Categories: Lions, Reserves | 3 Comments

The 1-year-old cub Loeku was separated from his pride when a safari vehicle got too close.

Several days ago, a 1-year-old lion cub named Loeku was separated from his mother and the rest of the pride in Samburu National Reserve.

Tourism vehicles in the park overcrowded and disturbed the lions, causing the mother to split from the cub as they moved in different directions. Our field teams spent days searching for the lions. Shivani and Letoiye stayed with Loeku whilst Jeneria and Lpuresi searched for Nanai, Nabulu and the rest of the cubs. They found them over 10 kilometres away from Loeku.

We were concerned that the lions were too far apart to find one another. We called for support from the rangers in Samburu National Reserve and our Lion Watch guides. Everyone helped in keeping an eye on Loeku and ensuring no other veh...

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Nashipai Not Seen For Weeks

Sep 29, 2014 | Categories: Lions | 1 Comment

The last sighting of Nashipai. We hope to locate this wonderful old lioness again soon.

I have known Nashipai for over 12 years. Through the years, this beautiful lioness has taught me everything I know about Samburu lions and has been a personal favourite of mine.

She has had many cubs over the years and is the best hunter we know. Two years ago she had 3 cubs and over the past 6 months has been sticking to them closely.

But now she is getting old and is struggling to keep up with her cubs, her teeth are worn and she has been attacking livestock since January.

We have not seen her for the past few weeks. We've been seeing her 3 cubs roam Samburu but are managing to hunt alone successfully. Jeneria and the warriors are searching for her and we hope to locate her soon.

- Shivani

Here are some of our favourite p...

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