You Can Join Our Expedition – Become a Fundraiser

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Our campaign is off to a great start towards raising $20,000 for lion conservation by climbing Mt Kenya in January.

We can’t reach the top alone.

You can join our expedition no matter where in the world you are by becoming a fundraiser or champion for our cause.

Top 5 easy ways to get involved:

1) Make a donation to the campaign:

2) Set up a a crowd-funding page and tell your friends. The funds you raise will get directed into our campaign. It’s easy. Watch that meter climb to the goal!

3) Use our special graphics as your Facebook profile photo. These great images were made for us by one of our supporters — if you have your own creative ideas for contributing to the cause like this, let us know!

4) Buy a limited edition shirt, bag, or art print featuring awesome artwork by Kevin Halfhill. Every sale contributes to the campaign.

5) Use the hashtag #ClimbForLions on social media and help us spread the word that Kenya’s lions are in serious trouble unless we create safe spaces for them by working with local communities.

About the campaign

Safe Passage for Lions — As the human population soars, lions are running out of space and experiencing increased human-lion conflict over livestock. Ewaso Lions is focused on working with local communities to create areas where people and lions can coexist, by securing lion corridors whereby lions can continue to thrive without persecution. At the same time, we are helping local people and their livelihoods by reducing their livestock losses.

Our goal of $20,000 will support our work which includes:
• Warrior Watch: a network of Samburu warriors who prevent lion killings and promote lion tolerance across northern Kenya.
• Mama Simba: The “mothers of lions”, our women’s group educates and empowers Samburu women.
• Lion Kids Camp: A multi-day conservation education camp for Kenyan children that inspires a new generation of wildlife leaders.
• Lion Dispersal Research: Using high-tech GPS collars to track lion movements and identify the areas that are key to lion survival.