Video: Shivani and Jeneria at the Wildlife Expo in San Francisco

Nov 3, 2016 | Categories: Donors | 1 Comment

“We are losing lions all the time. There are 20,000 lions left in Africa. Less than 2,000 lions left in Kenya. Lions deserve better.”

These were some of the powerful words spoken by Shivani at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in San Francisco last month. Below you can watch the full presentation which includes a moving segment delivered by Jeneria.

Through the course of the talk, they describe the plight of lions not just in Kenya but across Africa, and the range of conservation programmes we use to empower local communities to protect the lions they live alongside.

We were so thankful to the hundreds of people who came to our talk and met with us throughout the Expo. We hope Shivani’s final message reaches people so that we can continue our mission to conserve Kenya’s lions. “Please support lion conservation on the ground, and give lions what they deserve: a future in Africa.”

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» Frederica said: { Nov 26, 2016 - 12:11:36 }

It seems to me that we (or #cites) are missing the point ,allowing hunters to catch animals as if we were in the past century.Reality should rule and hunting permits should be reduced, considering the loss of animals by poaching and illegal hunting.
Besides corruption in the Govt should be tackled as well,as there’s no good use in it for animals nor people.
Lastly ,it would be great you added fighting against canned-lions farms in South Africa as a way to show psychopaths than we are not giving up the fight and that we are united.
Thank You for your work.