The Ewaso Lions Team Unites for a Day of Games

Nov 28, 2012 | Categories: Camp Life, Staff, Warriors | 1 Comment

Our team is spread out across Samburu in both Westgate and Mpus Kutuk Conservancies, so we brought everyone together as a reminder we are one united Ewaso Lions team. For a full day we held a series of team building exercises and called this Tenebo Day, which means “together” in the Samburu language.

Our team has grown to 24 and includes our field staff, Lion Scouts, camp staff, plus members of the Warrior Watch programme. Everyone split into five teams and picked animals for their team names.

In this event, one person per team was blindfolded and had to navigate an obstacle course.

The blindfolded person had to rely on solid communication with his teammates to guide him through the course.

The elephant dung throw.

The winners – Team Buffalo – scored the most points in the events.

The winning team – Team Buffalo – got a very special prize: a 30 minute flight with elephant expert and Ewaso Lions partner Iain Douglas-Hamilton. The winners were so excited since they have never flown in a plane before.

Lion conservation and research is often hard work, so part of Tenebo Day’s purpose is to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Tenebo Day was a fun way to create cohesion among our team, test one another’s physical prowess, work on communication, and build trust. We are very thankful for Sasaab Lodge which sponsored the day.


Team Honey Badger huddles to stategise about the Scavenger Hunt.

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