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Ewaso Lions works closely with Lpus Leluai Primary School in Westgate Community Conservancy.  We have a number of projects with the school including Simba Stories, Trees Project and more recently the new Simba Library and Wildlife Club.  Thanks to donors we have made numerous donations of books, stationary, posters and much more to the school.  We have also taken the school children out on many game drives as part of our Kenya Kids on Safari programme.

Towards the end of term, the teachers and Headmaster of the school, Johnson Lenasalia, asked Ewaso Lions if we could arrange an educational tour for all teachers as an incentive trip.  Many of the new teachers had not seen much wildlife before and were keen to learn more.  We are also in the process of setting up a Wildlife Club at the school from sale profits of the Simba Stories book. This would be an ideal opportunity to encourage the teachers and get them excited about wildlife which they would share with their students.  I also personally wanted to thank them for their fantastic efforts in working together to create a suitable learning environment for the children over the past few years.

Sasaab Lodge in Westgate Conservancy generously agreed for us to use their vehicle and guide Daniel for the teacher’s safari.  Sasaab have been fantastic in promoting Kenya Kids on Safari and we would not be able to do any of this without their support. Thank you Sasaab Lodge and Ali and Tony Allport (the lodge managers) for your continued and much appreciated assistance.

We set off on the safari at 7:30 am.  The teachers were all super excited and enthusiastic about their trip.  Daniel and I spoke about everything to do with wildlife in the area and the importance of wildlife in general.  It was initially quite strange to be teaching teachers but we all got into it and had a fantastic day.  We had some superb elephant sightings and were extremely lucky to spot a lion in the distance as well.  The teachers learned about birds too.


Emanuel, excited and a little nervous about being so close to elephants!


William and Karimi see elephants close up for the first time


Seeing a lion for the first time!


Teachers, Daniel and myself during the safari

Here are some of the comments from the teachers:

“Personally I feel there is a need to appreciate this great game drive that Ewaso Lions and Sasaab have arranged for us.  We learned a lot and will share our knowledge with the children.  Paul, Supervisor of Wildlife Club”.

“Thank you very much for the game drive. I enjoyed it very much.  Seeing a lion in the wild for the first time was great.  Karimi, teacher sponsored by Sasaab“.

Special thanks to Sasaab Lodge and their guide Daniel, and Todd Cromwell from the Kenya Kids on Safari Programme for donation of cameras and binoculars for the safari.

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» Dipesh said: { Jan 7, 2011 - 09:01:46 }

Hi Shivani! Long time…Just discovered your blog and great to see this being done elsewhere and so structured. We run several camps around the South Coast and Tsavo and as part of our programs we take school children on safaris in Mwaluganje and Tsavo East quite often and they got together with our volunteers and sometimes spend the night over at the camp. Do have a look at this post for the last one we did: http://www.campsinternational.com/projectblog/?p=1609
Would be keen to be involved…

» Jimmy said: { Jan 7, 2011 - 10:01:44 }

What a great way of getting ordinary Kenyans to appreciate the wonderfull wildlife resource that they still have which will hopefully secure its existence into the future:)