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Tenebo Day 2013: Building Unity and Camaraderie

Jan 10, 2014 | Categories: Camp Life, Staff | Leave A Comment »


With Samburu lush and green following the rains, we held our annual Tenebo Day in December – tenebo means “together” in the Samburu language. We brought all our field staff, Lion Scouts, camp staff, plus members of Warrior Watch for activities that would get them thinking, talking, laughing, engaging as a unified team.

Shivani’s sister Shalini helped organize a great day of activities – both old favorites and some new ones. The day was sponsored by our friends at Sasaab Lodge.

Sports Day included simple races such as three-legged race, potato and spoon race (blindfolded) and sack race causing much hilarity and bringing out the competitiveness in the teams.

Round the Table included activities such as threading ...

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The Ewaso Lions Team Unites for a Day of Games

Nov 28, 2012 | Categories: Camp Life, Staff, Warriors | 1 Comment


Our team is spread out across Samburu in both Westgate and Mpus Kutuk Conservancies, so we brought everyone together as a reminder we are one united Ewaso Lions team. For a full day we held a series of team building exercises and called this Tenebo Day, which means “together” in the Samburu language.

Our team has grown to 24 and includes our field staff, Lion Scouts, camp staff, plus members of the Warrior Watch programme. Everyone split into five teams and picked animals for their team names.

In this event, one person per team was blindfolded and had to navigate an obstacle course.

The blindfolded person had to rely on solid communication with his teammates to guide him through the course.

The elephant dung throw.

The ...

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