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Special Report: Visiting the Niassa Lion Project in Mozambique

Jul 24, 2014 | Categories: Staff | 3 Comments

Keith, Colleen, Ella, Finn, Euzebio, Oscar, Batista, and the rest of the Niassa team - you are all our heroes. Thank you for all you do!

Long days, harsh conditions, intense disputes, and sometimes heartache – lion conservation is hard work. And on some days it seems the challenges are insurmountable and it feels like we’re alone. Fortunately, this last part is not the case.

In Mozambique, the Niassa Lion Project is also working tirelessly with local people to conserve the lion population and improve livelihoods in the vast wilderness of Niassa National Park. Some of our staff recently spent a few days in Mozambique with the Niassa team to see their conservation programs, exchange ideas, and discuss challenges. The Niassa team had visited us in Kenya last year and the outcome was fantastic. Both Niassa Lion Project and Ewaso Lions are Partners in the Wildlife Conserva...

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Niassa Lion Project Visits Ewaso Lions in Samburu

Jul 9, 2013 | Categories: Staff | 3 Comments

The two teams – Niassa and Ewaso Lions – just after finishing a 2-day walk through the conservancy.

Staff from Mozambique's Niassa Lion Project visited our team for a fantastic five day visit. Niassa is deeply engaged in community-based conservation within Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique, and joined us to see our conservation programmes in northern Kenya.

It was a productive and fun exchange where there were lots of discussions, walks in the field with scouts and warriors, visits at the tourist lodge, conservancy headquarters and local village, and plenty of great wildlife viewing, including close up encounters with elephants, first time sightings of ostrich and giraffe, leopard and cubs and much more. And they especially enjoyed seeing Kenya's lions!

Furthermore, the Niassa Lion Project is one of the Wildlife Conservation Net...

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