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Radio-Collaring An Ewaso Lion

Feb 16, 2009 | Categories: Lions, Research | 12 Comments

We have our first radio-collared Ewaso lion! On Thursday the 28th of January, I managed to locate Lguret at 6:36 am.  Lguret is a maneless male who I first saw in July 2008 in West Gate Community Conservancy (WGCC) with 2 other males. We called these the "Real Lions" because they came from outside the national reserves, and were truly wild and not habituated to tourist vehicles like the lions in the Reserves. The coalition of 3 lions moved to Samburu National Reserve (SNR) in September 2008 and have been resident in the reserve since then.

Lguret was spotted in the Ewaso Nyiro river with the other male – Loirish.  I stayed with them until the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) vet arrived, Dr Stephen Chege.  The two males did not move mu...

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Mystery of the 3 Lions Solved

Oct 3, 2008 | Categories: Lions, Research | 2 Comments

So yes, these are the same males! I was able to identify them by looking at the whisker spot patterns, nose pigmentation and scarring on the photos of both lions. It was a bit hard comparing the photos, but have a look at these below:

West Gate male lion nose (Lpatpata)  

Nose of male lion in Samburu (Lpatpata as well!) Since establishing the fact that these are the same lions, I have chatted to many people trying to paint a picture of the lions movements.

So, after seeing them in West Gate (Real Lions 3), they disappeared from the community area almost immediately. I spent days looking for them in the conservancy but there was no sign of them. A few days later, there was a report that 3 males had killed 10 goats near K...

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Real Lions Part 3

Aug 20, 2008 | Categories: Lions, Westgate Conservancy | 8 Comments

I spent a few days in Samburu and Buffalo Springs between the 7th and 10th of August monitoring the resident lions and checking up on Nashipai, Nabo, her cubs and the others. It was a good few days and I also found some new lions near Ngare Mara.

I returned to Echo Lima camp in the evening of the 10th and received a message from the manager of the nearby lodge that their driver guide had seen 4 lions that evening in the Conservation Area! But the lions were nervous and kept hiding so he did not get a good look at them. I was excited by this sighting and decided to leave early the following morning to see if I could find them; hoping they hadn’t moved away.

I left camp at 5 30 am and entered the Conservation Area. I followed the main...

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