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Video: Lion with Broken Leg Examined by Wildlife Vets

Oct 2, 2015 | Categories: Lions | 5 Comments

Medical equipment closely monitored Lengwe's health during the examination. Photo © Ewaso Lions

Field report by Heather Gurd

On September 14th, we received a flurry of reports from our Lion Watch Guides that a young male lion had an injured leg and was unable to put any weight on it. Concerned, Jeneria and his field team left before dawn the next morning to locate and assess the situation. They found the injured lion and identified him as Lengwe, the 2-year-old son of Nanai from the Koitogor Pride.

Lengwe was unable to walk; being in such bad shape meant he might not be able to survive. Jeneria immediately contacted the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) veterinarian. Fortuitously, Dr. Mutinda was already in Samburu attending to an elephant issue. More good news for Lengwe was that his pride had made a kill. Lions obtain moisture ...

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Stopping the Killing of a Lioness

Feb 7, 2013 | Categories: Lions, Research, Reserves | 9 Comments

Examining her teeth.

This is an incredible story about an injured lion that killed a young cow and how we stopped a group of men from killing her in retaliation.

We received a report on January 24th that a lion was seen in Buffalo Springs National Reserve with severe injuries. We responded quickly by spending two days in the Reserve looking for the lion, which turned out to be Kofafeth, an 11 year-old female who is part of the Ngare Mara Pride. We notified both the Reserve management and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and coordinated with the KWS veterinarian, Dr. Mutinda, who recommended the lion be assessed and treated.

Then, on the afternoon of the 26th, we got a call that a lioness had killed a cow right outside Archer’s Post Gate. We raced o...

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Annual KWS Carnivore Conference Held in Nairobi

Aug 9, 2012 | Categories: Other news, Staff | 1 Comment

Jeneria delivers a presentation on Warrior Watch at the KWS Canivore Conference.

Ewaso Lions attended and presented at the annual Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Carnivore Research and Conservation Conference in Nairobi from July 26th and 27th. It was an excellent opportunity to hear updates from our partners in large carnivore conservation across Kenya, and to inform the group of our latest activities in Samburu. This was our 5th time to present at this annual conference.

I provided an update on our conservation research and community programmes between 2011 and 2012. The update included progress such as lion monitoring in Samburu, the completion of a pilot study using camera traps, and new methods that the project has adopted in data collection. I ended my presentation by describing some new projects we are embark...

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Radio-Collaring An Ewaso Lion

Feb 16, 2009 | Categories: Lions, Research | 12 Comments

We have our first radio-collared Ewaso lion! On Thursday the 28th of January, I managed to locate Lguret at 6:36 am.  Lguret is a maneless male who I first saw in July 2008 in West Gate Community Conservancy (WGCC) with 2 other males. We called these the "Real Lions" because they came from outside the national reserves, and were truly wild and not habituated to tourist vehicles like the lions in the Reserves. The coalition of 3 lions moved to Samburu National Reserve (SNR) in September 2008 and have been resident in the reserve since then.

Lguret was spotted in the Ewaso Nyiro river with the other male – Loirish.  I stayed with them until the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) vet arrived, Dr Stephen Chege.  The two males did not move mu...

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