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Coexisting with Carnivores: Does it Have to Be Them or Us?

Apr 10, 2014 | Categories: Community, Lions, Research, Reserves, Staff, Warriors | 1 Comment

Large carnivores like lions require expansive ranges to meet their daily needs. This lion is wearing a GPS collar to help us track its movements and warn herders.

The following article by Ewaso Lions' own Paul Thomson first appeared on PBS' NOVA Next on April 2, 2014 with the title Coexisting with Carnivores - Why It's Not a Zero-Sum Game.

It was late in the summer, and the two young lions had been on a camel killing spree. Over a period of three months, they had entered the villages of the Samburu people at night and killed ten prized camels.

It wasn’t long before they paid the price. One hot, hazy day in early September, when the male lions were napping under a scraggly acacia tree, a group of five young men came upon them. The men fired their AK-47s. Lguret, whose name means “cowardly,” ran off. Loirish, who was the more aggressive of the pair, may have stood his ground. He may even ...

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Loirish the Lion Killed by Gunshot

Sep 7, 2013 | Categories: Lions | 15 Comments

Warning: Graphic Photos Below

On Friday the 5th, a male lion was killed by gunshot within our study area in Samburu county. This marks the first time a lion in our study area has been killed by people since 2010. The lion was an 8-year-old male named Loirish, which we had been monitoring since 2008. It appears that a group of warriors happened to come across Loirish as he rested with his brother, and they shot him. Tracks indicate the brother, Lguret, is alive and unharmed. The Ewaso Lions team is still investigating the reasons for the unprovoked killing. We have experienced human-wildlife conflict in this area before, following incidents when lions attacked people's livestock. In this situation, there seems to have been no livestock ki...

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Exposure Tour Shares Conservation Lessons Across Two Communities

Mar 29, 2013 | Categories: Community, Training, Westgate Conservancy | Leave A Comment »

The group visits the grazing zone in Westgate Conservancy.

With the recent severe lion conflict occurring within the Nakuprat-Gotu Conservancy, Ewaso Lions initiated an exposure tour for residents to visit Westgate Community Conservancy to learn about the conservation activities taking place there, which might be adapted and applied in Nakuprat-Gotu.

Nakuprat-Gotu is located to the east of Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya. Ewaso Lions organized the exposure tour in February in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Nakuprat Conservancy management, Samburu National Reserve and Westgate Community Conservancy.

Following discussions within Nakuprat in late January, it was apparent that general conservation awareness among the community was low, and there were concerns over car...

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Lion Lights: A Young Kenyan’s Invention May Save Lions

Mar 6, 2013 | Categories: Lions, Research | 2 Comments

Setting up the Lion Lights

Sometimes solutions to human-lion conflict can be found in unlikely places. You may have heard of Richard Turere: the 13 year-old Kenyan boy who invented an ingenious system for safely keeping lions from attacking livestock. Knowing that lions were scared of people carrying torches (flashlights) at night, he rigged a series of automated flashing LED light bulbs around his livestock pen. The blinking lights trick lions and other predators into thinking a herdsman is present, so they don’t attack livestock.

These “Lion Lights” have been fine-tuned and scaled up, and are being used in various parts of Kenya. Ewaso Lions currently uses five Lion Lights in two different areas, and so far they have been 100% successful in keeping livesto...

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Stopping the Killing of a Lioness

Feb 7, 2013 | Categories: Lions, Research, Reserves | 9 Comments

Examining her teeth.

This is an incredible story about an injured lion that killed a young cow and how we stopped a group of men from killing her in retaliation.

We received a report on January 24th that a lion was seen in Buffalo Springs National Reserve with severe injuries. We responded quickly by spending two days in the Reserve looking for the lion, which turned out to be Kofafeth, an 11 year-old female who is part of the Ngare Mara Pride. We notified both the Reserve management and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and coordinated with the KWS veterinarian, Dr. Mutinda, who recommended the lion be assessed and treated.

Then, on the afternoon of the 26th, we got a call that a lioness had killed a cow right outside Archer’s Post Gate. We raced o...

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