Statement on Cecil the Lion

Aug 6, 2015 | Categories: Lions | Leave A Comment »

Over the past week we have watched as the world erupted over the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. His death enraged people from around the globe and has sparked important discussion. Here at Ewaso Lions, we are doing everything we can to conserve lions. The greatest threats to lions are conflict with humans over livestock depredation, and loss of habitat and wild prey. To address this, we take a scientific approach to community-based conservation. Working hand-in-hand with local people and conducting sound research is how we are ensuring a future for Africa’s most iconic species.

We urge you to channel your energy towards change. Join us in our lion conservation efforts – as you may know, two cubs died recently in Buffalo Springs and we are working to prevent incidents like this in the future. World Lion Day is approaching (August 10th) – let’s keep lions in the international spotlight.