Sixth Annual ‘Running for Lions’ Race in Samburu

Jun 9, 2015 | Categories: Community, Westgate Conservancy | 1 Comment

On May 30th, dozens of community members participated in the 6th annual Running for Lions race in northern Kenya. More than 40 runners turned up for the big day and included Samburu elders, warriors, women, and children.

We are very excited to announce that Ewaso Lions staff members took several top positions: Moses, our Head of Security, took 1st place in the Half Marathon Elders Run. Letupukwa, our Cook, came in 2nd (1 hr 29 mins). Yesalai, our Field Officer, came in at 3rd place (1 hr 30 mins) in the Youth Run. Well done to all the runners!

Runners pass Checkpoint 2 in the Running For Lions half marathon in northern Kenya.

At the end of the run, there were speeches by the organisers and partners who spoke about the importance of conservation with a special focus on protecting lions.

Ewaso Lions team members take top positions! From left to right: Letupukwa, Yesalai, and Moses.

Five years ago, Ewaso Lions conceived Running for Lions as a way to bring together the local community under the banner of conservation, to create unity, and have fun. Starting this year, Running for Lions is now a 100% community-owned event, organized and hosted by Westgate Community Conservancy.

We are proud to handover Running For Lions, which is in-line with our goal of putting conservation in the hands of local Kenyans. Westgate organised a fantastic race this year, and we look forward to seeing the future of Running for Lions in Kenya!

Moses, our Head of Security, passes Checkpoint 2.

Lekashango (left) came in 1st place in the the Youth Run. Letupukwa (Ewaso Lions Cook) took 2nd place in the Elders Run.

Running through beautiful Westgate Conservancy in northern Kenya.

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