Shivani & Jeneria Speak at Wildlife Conservation Expo

Nov 16, 2017 | Categories: Donors, Lions, Other news | 1 Comment

Shivani & Jeneria visited the US in October on their annual tour. Following a lovely visit with their friends and supporters in Newport, Rhode Island, they had the privilege of speaking at Goldman Sachs in New York, National Geographic and WWF in Washington DC.

At Goldman Sachs together with Frank from Save the Elephants and Jan, our host, from Goldman Sachs (Photo by Grant Kretchik)

At National Geographic

They were very excited to attend the annual Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco in October and for those of you that missed the talk, it can be watched here.  This was Ewaso Lion’s 6th annual attendance at the Expo.

Jeneria speaks at the WCN expo (Photo by Peter Lindsey)

Thank you to all our friends and supporters in the US who looked after us, hosted and fed us, travelled with us and supported our conservation and research programmes in Samburu. We are very grateful!

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» Elaine Geffen said: { Nov 23, 2017 - 02:11:07 }

It was a wonderful experience to attend your lectures and meet you in San Francisco! Many thanks for traveling all those miles and helping us learn about the great efforts the men and women of Samburu are doing for the lions and habitat and people there. I was able to visit Samburu last year, and am so happy to hear about the rains coming! I wish all the best for your community and I’m happy to donate in my small way.