Lion Population

Ewaso Lions is the first project to conduct a formal research study on the lion population in Samburu (beginning in 2003). We have identified all lion prides and individuals in the Samburu – Isiolo ecosystem. Initial identification of lions, behavioural data, and lion associations distinguish the number and structure of prides in the area.  The prides here have a very loose structure and often break up in to smaller groups of a few females and their cubs.  We also monitor a number of solitary females and their offspring.

We actively monitor individual lions within our conservation landscape and identify each individual by its unique whisker spot pattern, and produce identity profiles for each lion. Lions in a pride are rarely together at one time and this highlights the importance of recognising individuals. We monitor individual lions from project vehicles and conduct prolonged observations in a non-invasive manner.

Warriors monitor Naisherua in Samburu

Our work directly supports lion conservation by providing a more accurate estimate of lion numbers in order to shape conservation management of lions in this part of Kenya. Within our Samburu-Isiolo conservation landscape, we are currently monitoring 40-50 lions.  This is up from 11 in 2007.

Letoiye drawing whisker spot patterns of lions from the Koitogor Pride in Samburu

Nanai in Samburu