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Ewaso Lions’ research activities focus on:

Monitoring the Lion Population
Identifying all lion prides and individuals in the Samburu-Isiolo ecosystem is important to estimate population size and trends. We record social structure and associations of prides and individuals to determine the lion demographics.  Read more.

Assessing Suitable Habitat for Lions
Identifying key areas for lions and understanding what factors influence the suitability of such areas. Read more.

Understanding Human-Carnivore Conflict
Documenting all incidents of human-carnivore conflict to measure the impact of lions and other carnivores on local people’s livelihoods, and implementing strategies to reduce conflict.  Read more.

Lion Dispersal
Collaring lions to map movements and understand dispersal of young males in particular.  Read more.

Monitoring Wildlife
Conducting daily patrols to record wild prey and livestock locations to measure the health of the conservation landscape. This includes the long-term monitoring of Conservation Areas to assess effectiveness of safe refuges for carnivores and herbivores. Read more.

Attitudes towards wildlife
Evaluating local people’s attitudes towards wildlife conservation. Read more.

Watch this video which contains highlights of our research activities (video coming soon):

We are currently seeking funds to sustain our research projects. Please be a part of this important research. Donate online or contact us to discuss ways to help.