Providing Training for Scouts, Warriors, Rangers, and the Public

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Shivani discusses predator ecology.

The Ewaso Lions Project provides workshops and training sessions for wildlife scouts, warriors, and community members on a variety of conservation-related topics.

Scout & Ranger Training
We work with community conservancies to assist in training scouts and rangers in wildlife ecology and monitoring, the importance of conservation, minimizing human-predator conflict, and more. In 2011, we held three training sessions and trained a total of 45 scouts and rangers. Read more.

Warrior Training
Through our Warrior Watch programme, we empower young Samburu morans, or warriors, in wildlife conservation management. Warriors receive training on basic wildlife ecology, conservation, communication, security issues, and the value of wildlife. Over time, Warriors are trained in data collection and use GPS, enabling us to map wildlife sightings throughout the Conservancy. Read more.

Moses gives track ID training.

Livestock Husbandry and Conflict Mitigation
Through our Boma Watch programme, we work with livestock keepers, herders, and other community members every day to minimise human-carnivore conflict.

Warriors and scouts participating in a question and answer session.

Our staff provide advice to improve livestock husbandry to better protect livestock – and livelihoods – from carnivores. In turn, this eliminates the need for people to retaliate against lions and other carnivores.

Plus, our staff have received formal training on human-wildlife conflict transformation from the highly praised Human Wildlife Conflict Coalition. With this training on conflict mediation and mitigation, we can more effectively work to achieve our mission of human-carnivore coexistence.