Photos from World Lion Day

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We celebrated World Lion Day on August 10th, 2013 with a gathering of more than a 100 community members in Westgate Conservancy here in Samburu. Ewaso Lions invited our local friends and supporters — those who voluntarily help Ewaso Lions by sharing valuable information including text messages on lion locations, incidences of conflict, provide security for us and much more. We distributed shirts, children sang songs and performed a drama on lions, and there were many talks about lions and their importance. It was a great day and we thank all our “Friends” both here in Samburu and across the world for being fantastic advocates and supporters of our work.

Women from Sasaab village said they were honored to be invited to this celebration of lions.

Jeneria (right) and one of our supporters – Mzee Lempunya from Westgate.

We gathered for speeches, a drama, and lunch under the trees in Westgate Conservancy.

Moses, Ewaso Lions Scout, addresses the group.

Children from Lpus Leluai Primary School gave a drama about people living with lions.

Our Guest of Honour, County Representative of Wamba, Jackson Lelenkeju, speaks to the group.


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