New Lion Cubs!

Sep 25, 2013 | Categories: Lions | 1 Comment

Finally some good news…

Nanai has given birth to three little lion cubs. The cubs are just over a week old — we will post photos as soon as we can safely take some [UPDATE: Click here for photos]. She has given birth in bushes that are close to the main road running through Samburu National Reserve, so we’ve requested the rangers to help keep an eye on things and make sure tourist vehicles don’t get too close.

This is Nanai’s first time to have cubs. Nanai belongs to the Koitogor Pride and is the daughter of Nashipai.

It was Jelly, one of the Lion Watch Guides, who had the first sighting of the cubs and share the news with us.

UPDATE: Click here to see photos of the 8-week-old cubs.

A photo of a very pregnant Nanai from a few weeks before giving birth to 3 cubs.

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