New Cub Is A Remarkable Traveller

Aug 30, 2016 | Categories: Lions | Leave A Comment »

We are pleased to introduce our newest lion who was born early this year to Napirai.

“This little cub is a young traveller and survivor,” said Jeneria, our Field Operations and Community Manager. “The cub moves more than any cub we have ever seen.”

Our team tracked Napirai and her cub for over 15 km (9 mi) a few weeks ago – a long journey for a cub we estimate to be three-months-old.

Napirai with her new cub covered great distances; more than we have ever seen a cub travel.

Mother and cub walked all night, through villages and livestock areas, and settled in thick bush in the early morning. Although mothers usually hide their cubs in bushes to go hunting, Napirai does not leave her cub alone. She is constantly on the move with the young one close in tow.

Napirai’s cub will be named at the next Lion Watch guide meeting later in the year. Stay tuned to see what name gets chosen!

We estimate the cub to be about three-months-old.