National Geographic Names Shivani an Emerging Explorer

May 21, 2014 | Categories: Staff | 4 Comments

In an incredible month for Ewaso Lions, the National Geographic Society has recently revealed its 2014 class of Emerging Explorers, a group of 14 visionary, young trailblazers from around the globe whose innovative ideas and accomplishments are making a significant difference in the world. We are very proud that our founder and Executive Director, Shivani Bhalla, has made the list.

The Emerging Explorers Program recognizes and supports uniquely gifted and inspiring adventurers, scientists and innovators who are at the forefront of discovery, adventure and global problem-solving while still early in their careers. Each Emerging Explorer receives a $10,000 award to aid further research and exploration.

The 2014 Emerging Explorers are conservation biologist Shivani Bhalla; inventor Jack Andraka; educator Shabana Basij-Rasikh; ecologist and epidemiologist Christopher Golden; marine biologist David Gruber; paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim; creative conservationist Asher Jay; conservation biologist Juliana Machado Ferreira; artist, writer and musician Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky; environmentalist Maritza Morales Casanova; social entrepreneur Sanga Moses; author and campaigner Tristram Stuart; electrical engineer Robert Wood; and nanoscientist Xiaolin Zheng.

The new Emerging Explorers are introduced in the June 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine, and more information on them can be found at

National Geographic Emerging Explorers may be selected from virtually any field, ranging from the Society’s traditional arenas of anthropology, archaeology, photography, space exploration, earth sciences, mountaineering and cartography to the worlds of technology, art, music and filmmaking.

“National Geographic’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet, and our Emerging Explorers are outstanding young leaders whose endeavors further this mission. We are pleased to support them as they set out on promising careers. They are visionaries and innovators in their respective fields and will help lead the world in a new age of exploration,” said Terry Garcia, National Geographic’s chief science and exploration officer.

Conservation biologist Shivani Bhalla, a fourth-generation Kenyan, is working to safeguard the future of Kenya’s rapidly declining lion populations. She is founder and executive director of Ewaso Lions, a conservation organization that uses scientific research and community outreach to promote coexistence between people and lions who share habitats. It is the only organization that focuses on lions that live both inside and outside protected areas in northern Kenya. There are now fewer than 2,000 lions in Kenya, and they could vanish within two decades if habitat loss and conflict with humans continues. Ewaso Lions’ innovative community outreach programs, which involve young tribal warriors as well as women and children, are helping foster local support for conservation. Her team has dramatically changed local attitudes, and the lion population she monitors has grown to its highest numbers in a dozen years.

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» Debbie Taylor said: { May 31, 2014 - 01:05:21 }

A big congratulations Shivani for your hard work and recognition in National Geographic .

Debbie Taylor
Indiana, USA

» Christie Smith said: { May 31, 2014 - 02:05:54 }

Everyone at the Potter League for Animals is so proud of Shivani and Ewaso Lions. National Geographic picked an amazing leader to recognize. Keep up the great work with those big cats; we’ll help with the smaller ones here! Hugs to Kura.

» Maggie Jarboe said: { May 31, 2014 - 02:05:48 }

This is a wonderful program. So great that it is getting the recognition it deserves.
Maggie Jarboe
Sherwood, Md. USA

» Pauline tusher said: { Jun 3, 2014 - 05:06:19 }

Asante Sana Memshaib Savani for your passion and dedication, thanks also to your team. I had no idea the lion numbers are so low, that is disturbing. I am so sad I will not be at the California Academy of Science to hear your talk. Asante Sana to you and your team for being so dedicated to the lions. Best wishes. Pauline Tusher