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This year we are providing scholarships to two additional students, Mellarny and France. Under the Ewaso Lions scholarship, school tuition is covered for four full academic years.

Mellarny Mayo never expected to continue her education. But with the Ewaso Lions scholarship, she can pursue her education.

Mellarny Mayo grew up in a poor single parent family with her mother and two brothers. The family do not have any livestock, but are instead dependent on the mother earning from little businesses in their small home town.

Mellarny started her primary school education in Ngare Mara in the year 2006 under difficult circumstances; her family did not have enough money for books or a proper school uniform.

Mellarny has great potential and concentrates very hard on her education. However, Mellarny was totally demoralized when her mother was diagnosed as HIV positive. Nevertheless, taking advice from her friends she tried her best to remain focused on her education.

Mellarny was not expecting to join secondary school level after she completed her primary studies due to her family’s poor background. After she got sponsorship through Ewaso Lions, Mellarny was extremely happy and was really promising to achieve her dream of being an ambassador for conservation.

Mellarny has promised Ewaso Lions that she will continue doing well in her education since she has received this support. She also said that she will be working hand in hand with Thomas, Ewaso Lions Lion Coordinator in the Ngare Mara region, to spread the word of conservation in their home area and, furthermore, to the school she will be joining for secondary studies.

France Ekidam’s family did not have the finances to send him to school.

France Ekidam was born in the Loruko area of Nasuulu Conservancy in 1996. He started his primary school education in Samburu Community School in 2001 in Class One but there were limited facilities to enable him to study well in that school. In 2010, when he was in Standard Six, France transferred to Lpus Leluai School in Westgate Conservancy, where there were sufficient revision materials and textbooks to help him to excel in his studies.

France’s grades started to improve during his time at Lpus Leluai but, when he completed his exams in 2012, he did not have the finances to progress to secondary school. He approached Ewaso Lions, who said that if he were to repeat the year and attain a score of 300 points or above then he would secure a scholarship. France worked tirelessly in order to achieve the grades as he felt this was the only chance of continuing his education. Before he was offered this opportunity, he said that he was just learning for the sake of learning and knew he had no hope of going to secondary school, but when he repeated the year he kept this in mind and managed to score over 300 points.

His family is so pleased that France will be educated and always encourage him to aim for the highest level in order to achieve his dreams. He hopes that other members of their family will also be able to go to school and promises to help teach his younger siblings.

Since he joined Lpus Leluai he has also learned a little about wildlife and its importance to this region, including offering employment to the local community. He is particularly fond of elephants, lions and zebras. He explained that he likes lions because they are one of the Big Five and attract many tourists to this area.

France is very grateful to secure scholarship from Ewaso Lions and promised that he will give a stunning performance whilst at secondary school.


With France and Mellarny, we are providing scholarships for the full secondary education of six secondary students and one college student. To read about our other students, click here.

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