Jeneria Wins Wildlife Warrior Award from Houston Zoo

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Jeneria won Houston Zoo’s Wildlife Warrior award for his work protecting Kenya’s lions.

The Houston Zoo has awarded our very own Jeneria Lekilelei with their Wildlife Warrior Award. The Award recognizes exceptional local employees from wildlife conservation programs and provides an experience that will increase their abilities/knowledge.

Thanks to the Houston Zoo, Jeneria is attending a conservation management and leadership training course run by the Durrell Conservation Academy. The course, based in Cambridge, is designed to strengthen the management and leadership skills of conservation professionals working in challenging conditions – which makes Jeneria the perfect candidate.

“The Houston Zoo has given me a very big opportunity thanks to their award,” said Jeneria. “The Durrell course will teach me skills I will use with my warriors in Kenya to keep lions, people, and livestock safe.”

The skills and knowledge he will gain from this course will not only impact his professional development, but also enable him and his team to address human-carnivore conflict issues more effectively. Ultimately, this will strengthen Ewaso Lions’ mission of securing a future for lions by mitigating conflict and preventing retaliatory attacks on lions and other large carnivores.

This is one of two awards Jeneria has received – together with the Conservation Hero Award from the Disney Conservation Fund. We at Ewaso Lions congratulate Jeneria.

Thank you, friends at Houston Zoo!