Injured Vulture Rescued and Released Back Into the Wild

Jul 27, 2016 | Categories: Reserves | Leave A Comment »

Watch this video of a rescued White-backed Vulture – a critically endangered species – being released back into the wild.

In June, the vulture was found on the ground in Buffalo Springs National Reserve and unable to fly. After fast action by the Peregrine Fund and Raptor Working Group, the vulture was taken to the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust in Naivasha for rehabilitation.

On the 11th of July, we participated in the bird’s release back into BSNR. We were excited to watch as the young vulture successfully flew off. Prior to the release, the team from the Peregrine Fund and Raptor Working Group spoke to local rangers and wardens about vultures and threats to their survival, including how vultures often become indirect targets of poisoning attacks on carnivores.

Vultures are often misunderstood and perceived as unattractive, yet they are essential to the health of the ecosystem. As a result many are threatened. The White-backed Vulture is a listed as critically endangered. Vultures play an important role removing dead and decaying matter, which helps reduce the spread of disease.

We certainly have a new appreciation for vultures as a result and would like to extend our thanks to the Peregrine Fund, Kenya Bird of Prey Trust, Raptor Working Group and all those that participated in the special release of this beautiful bird back into the wild.

A ranger from the reserve helped rescue the injured White-backed vulture in northern Kenya.