Human-Lion Conflict Increases During Drought in Samburu

Apr 14, 2017 | Categories: Community, Lions, Other news, Reserves, Westgate Conservancy | 2 Comments

The Ewaso Nyiro River dried up in early January causing immense challenges for the wildlife, the local people and their livestock in the region.  Wildlife and livestock congregated at small waterholes, and human-lion conflict increased during this time.  Our team remained extra vigilant and responded quickly to conflict incidents. Carnivores stayed close to the river and were seen frequently  -including lions, cheetahs, leopard and the endangered wild dogs.

Naramat in the dry Ewaso Nyiro River

Zebras converge at the Ngare Mara Swamps

Wildlife congregate at the waterholes in Samburu

Elephants cross the drying Ewaso Nyiro River in February

Together with our partners, we dug waterholes in the dry river and set up camera traps at night to see which animals came to drink from them.  In early April, some rain arrived and the normally dry river beds flowed for the first time in years. The Ewaso Nyiro River also started flowing which was a huge relief.  The rains have been localised and in very low quantities. Much more is needed to allow the land to recover and the grass to grow.

Watch this video to see more:

Digging waterholes for wildlife

The Ewaso Nyiro River finally begins to flow in early April

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» Dan Bramwell said: { Apr 23, 2017 - 11:04:34 }

I remember seeing it back in 2012(?) when the river bed was dry……could dig up live fish out of the bed and crocs encapsulated in the riverbanks….an amazing experience butnit good for wildlife!

» BERNA NITZBERG said: { May 5, 2017 - 02:05:01 }