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We are excited to have 9 new staff members join Ewaso Lions since January 2017.  Based between Nairobi and Samburu, this expansion of our team has strengthened Ewaso Lions in our capacity to do more for lion conservation.  Meet our new team members here.

From top left: Resson, Lembagani, Evanson, Moses
Front: Nanyori (camp dog!), Peter, Ben.

Resson Kantai Duff  – Deputy Director
Resson joined our team in February 2018 as our Deputy Director. She holds an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford. Prior to joining Ewaso Lions, she also worked for our long-term conservation partners, Save the Elephants, as their Head of Awareness.  Resson hit the ground running by being elected as the youngest member of the Board of the Conservation Alliance of Kenya, giving Ewaso Lions a voice in the national conservation agenda. “Joining Ewaso Lions is a dream come true for me. Having understood how important, and yet how difficult community conservation is to achieve, it is incredible to join a team that is in every sense achieving this illusive concept,” she said.

Ben LejaleEwaso Regional Lion Coordinator
Ben is from Donyo Lengala in Kipsing, south of the Ewaso Nyiro River.  Ben joined our team in early 2017 and his key responsibility is coordinating the warriors activities. His other roles include: teaching the warriors how to read and write, helping in training the warriors on data collection, attending community meetings and functions on behalf of Ewaso Lions, taking a key role in collecting sociological data including community attitudes and perceptions on conservation/lions, manyatta and livestock mapping, and people census within our area of operation. Occasionally, he is also involved in vehicle transect surveys.  Ben has a passion for conservation and is interested in involving the community in the conservation of lions and other wildlife. He has an educational background on Community Development.

Peter Lenasalia – Lion Kids Camp and Youth Coordinator
Peter, who is from Sereolipi village in Namunyak Conservancy, is our Lion Kids Camp Co-ordinator. He joined Ewaso Lions in early 2017, having previously completed his Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Management at The University of Eldoret. Peter is especially passionate about engaging youth in conservation and has a natural aptitude for teaching and mentoring children. As well as organising and delivering all our Lion Kids Camps, Peter supervises students sponsored through the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund and, together with Ben, runs the weekly Warrior Watch school, where he teaches the warriors basic English, Kiswahili and numeracy. Currently, Peter is working closely with the management team to expand our Lion Kids Camp programme and provide children from across Kenya with an immersive wildlife education experience.

Semees Lembagani  – Security Supervisor
Lembagani is a pastoralist who comes from Sukuroi village in Westgate Conservancy. He joined our team in August 2017 as Security Supervisor. Prior to working with Ewaso Lions, Lembagani worked for the British Army. We are grateful to have him join our team as he provides additional security for camp and our team, and assists Francis & Lpuresi in many aspects of camp work, including keeping an eye on our puppy Nanyori who is famous for vanishing.

Lengaina & Leluata – Warriors, Meibae Conservancy
Two new warriors joined our Warrior Watch programme in late 2017.  Lengaina and Leluata come from Meibae Conservancy and support Jeneria and other warriors in conflict mitigation, monitoring lions and being the first responders any time conflict with lions occurs. We are thrilled to have them join our team and strengthen the Warrior Watch programme as we continue to grow the network of warriors engaged in conservation in Northern Kenya.

Evelyn Oduor – Operations Officer
Evelyn is based in our Nairobi office (which was established when she begun in March 2017) and coordinates all operations and logistics for the project. Evelyn, who is from Nairobi, has over 15 years experience in administration and logistics, and holds a Diploma in Business Management.  In her free time, Evelyn loves to read and travel, and she often comes up to Samburu to connect with the team and work on improving camp operations.

Evanson Kariuki  -Conservation Programmes Assistant
Evanson, who hails fromNairobi, joined Ewaso Lions as our Conservation Programmes Assistant (CPA) in November 2017. Evanson has a wealth of experience leading and coordinating wildlife conservation and community development projects across Kenya, including in the Tsavo and Maasai Mara ecosystems and Marsabit County.  He holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Wildlife Management and is currently finishing a Master of Arts Degree in Environmental Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi. As CPA, Evanson works closely with our Conservation Manager, Heather, and the wider team to develop, deliver and expand our conservation programmes. He is also an accredited safari-guide and avid birdwatcher, who also enjoys spending his free-time tending to the camp Shamba (vegetable plot) and playing with Nanyori, one of our camp dogs.

Moses Cheruiyot  -Bus Driver
Moses, who comes from Laikipia County, joined the team as our Bus Driver in September 2017. He has over 25 years driving experience and is a graduate of the National Youth Service, holding a Grade II Motor Vehicle Mechanic certificate. As our Bus Driver, Moses is responsible for driving and maintaining our Bush Bus, which he is adept at navigating through the challenging Samburu terrain, whilst taking community members on educational wildlife safaris within the National Reserve. Moses is also a key member of our Lion Kids Camp team and supports our Coordinator, Peter, with delivery of this immersive wildlife education programme. When not running exposure tours and Kids Camps, Moses provides logistical support to our Field Team and puts his mechanical skills to the test helping with general vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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» Mary Tibiatowski said: { May 3, 2018 - 05:05:05 }

Woo hoo!! So glad you have found such excellent people to help with your program. And they all look so nice!!

Congratulations to everyone.

» Stephen ongoro said: { Aug 6, 2018 - 10:08:24 }

Wooow!!!! I LOVE this team. They look so amazing and gorgeous. I would also wish to join the team to help in the conservation agenda. I am a graduate with a B.Sc. Degree in wildlife management with a two Year working experience in similar fields and currently an intern with the Kenya Revenue Authority- Security and safety department Isiolo/Meru. It would be lovely to help in protecting our carnivore.