Dynasties Premiers in America

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Dr. Bhalla met Sir David Attenborough at the Whitely Hope Gala, just days before the launch of the Dynasties documentary launch in the UK.

Sir David Attenborough’s newest documentary “Dynasties” is finally coming to the USA! On Saturday, 19th January, the breathtaking Lions film will go out as the first of the Dynasties series featuring Dr. Shivani Bhalla who was given the extraordinary chance to speak about lion conservation!

The series features five extraordinary animals, battling rivals and the forces of nature for the future of their families. In a rare break from the usual production reel about the making of their documentaries, BBC decided to ask an expert about the challenges lions face in people-dominated landscapes, and how we are dealing with them.  For us, this speaks to the authenticity of the work we do building a future for lions, giving hope to the world that coexistence between people and lions is indeed possible.

Although Shivani did not meet Sir David Attenborough during the making of the film, she had the chance to talk with him at the Whitley Hope Gala in November last year.

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» Patty Fitzpatrick said: { Jan 20, 2019 - 07:01:10 }

We thought it was a wonderful show. Educational and emotional. Amazing photography. We know the animals have feelings and are essential to the health of the planet and our own lives. Please keep up the wonderful work. If we had extra money we certainly would donate.