Wildlife Cinema

In the area of conservation education, language and culture can be a barrier. Yet, the power of film is universal. With this in mind, we launched our Wildlife Cinema programme to bring people closer to wildlife. By showing wildlife films in rural villages, people get to see wildlife closer than ever before in a safe, non-hostile setting.

Our Mobile Film Unit consists of a portable generator, a DVD player, a projector, speakers, and a white bed sheet that serves as a screen.

We have traveled through Samburu and Marsabit Districts to show films on predators, elephants, water resources, rhino conservation, poaching, and many other subjects. The films − some of which were donated by the African Environmental Film Foundation − are produced in Swahili and the local Maa language, which make them more accessible to local communities.

Many people in our project area have never seen film of any sort and observe the moving images of wildlife in awe. Audiences are enthralled by scenes with lions, endlessly amused by the antics of hyenas, and impressed to see cheetahs running at great speeds.