Lion Kids Camp

Friendly Encounters with Wildlife
Most children in northern Kenya have only had negative experiences with wildlife – they see elephants chasing someone, the remains of a camel after a lion attack, or a leopard running off with their goat. Our Lion Kids Camps enable children to experience a positive connection with wildlife.

The Camps are designed to inspire children to be the next generation of park wardens, safari guides, and wildlife biologists. We teach children enrolled in local schools and also herding children who do not go to school but play an important role with wildlife as they spend more time in wildlife areas.

Lessons in Conservation
Lion Kids Camps are multi-day camps for local children that combine wildlife education, safaris, educational games, and fun. To date, we have held eight camps that have reached 214 children.

Each Camp is diligently evaluated, and the results have demonstrated that children’s views on wildlife significantly improve after the Camp.

“Through the chance to meet and interact with some of the most respected conservationists in Kenya – the children are given a glimpse into the importance of conservation and the role that they have to play in safe guarding the future of such a precious resource.” — The Safari Collection

Safaris for Kids
To date, we have taken more than 200 children on wildlife safaris. For most kids, this is the first time in their lives they have safely seen many of these animals. We lend them cameras so they can document their adventure, and we teach them about wildlife and conservation.

Above: While on safari in Samburu National Reserve, Saiwana and Ltonos see their first-ever lion: Lguret in the background. This is what the Lion Kids Camps are all about – these children are the next generation of conservationists and Ewaso Lions is committed to investing in their future.

Ewaso Lions sends a clear message to these bright young children: the future of Kenya’s wildlife is in their hands.

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