Lion Watch

The Lion Watch programme integrates the tourism and safari community with conservationists.  Lion Watch utilises “citizen science” to enhance lion conservation by tapping into the knowledge and presence of guides. We have trained 20 tour guides and rangers in lion identification, ecology, conservation issues, and data collection using a custom smartphone app. These participants are now certified Lion Watch Guides who help Ewaso Lions gather data on lions by recording sightings during the course of their work.  Currently, there are 15 Lion Watch guides active in the region (following the relocation of 5 guides).  In mid 2016, the Lion Watch guides came together to name two male lions.  In 2017, we will hold a Lion Naming Ceremony with the group to name 8 new lions in the region.

“After the [Lion Watch] training, now I know more about lions and the individuals we have in Samburu. I have been watching these animals for years. Now I know their stories and can share that with my guests. They will love it.”

– Julius Lesooli, guide at Elephant Bedroom Camp

“This initiative by Ewaso Lions is a fantastic one,” said Tom Lesarge, CEO of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. “It will not only help in monitoring the lion populations in Samburu, but trigger a passion and genuine concern for lions in all people that will engage in the programme.”

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