Meet the Students

Educating youth, empowering communities, encouraging conservation.

Meet the 11 students currently being sponsored

Sponsored Students with their parents

Solomon Lenasalia
from Kipsing completed his secondary school in 2016 and is starting a degree in Environmental Management at Kenyatta University in 2017.

Painoti Letabare
from Westgate completed secondary school in 2015, helped teach the Mama Simba ladies for a year and will be attending Teachers College in 2017.

Saniki Lelenkeju
from Sasaab village is currently in Form 4 at Moi Girls Secondary School finishing in 2017.

Joy Letabare
from Westgate is in Form 4 at Kisima Girls Secondary School and finishes in 2017.

France Ekidam
from Loruko village is in Form 3 at Wamba Boys High School. Read more about France here.

Melarny Keete
from Ngare Mara is in Form 3 at Kisima Girls Secondary School. Read more about Melarny here.

Eunice Ljakunoi
from Kipsing is in Form 2 at Kisima Girls Secondary School.

Junior Lekirmui
is in Standard 7 at Nanyuki Boarding Academy. Read more about Junior here.

Angeline Wanjiru
from Archers Post enrolled in Form 1 at Kisima Girls Secondary School in 2017.

Veronica Lolokoru
from Learata enrolled in Form 1 at Kisima Girls Secondary School in 2017.

Nicholas Lesootia
from Lorubae enrolled in Form 1 at Maralal High School in 2017.

Mentor Peter with Students

Peter Lenasalia From Ewaso Lions with Veronica, Joy, Angeline

A success story of the Ewaso Lions education programme is Samson Lerosion. Building on this success and using the lessons learnt from sponsoring him, we are developing a programme that will enable us to support all the students from secondary education to successful careers – all supported by the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund.

You too can donate and make a difference. Email for more info.