Community Comes Together to Cleanup Village

Jul 5, 2016 | Categories: Community | Leave A Comment »

Today, Ewaso Lions joined hands with partners for another litter removal cleanup day. Bags of trash were removed from the village of Westgate, which is adjacent to Samburu National Reserve, and surrounding areas. Westgate now looks very clean!

The group collected bags and bags of trash that was littering the landscape.

Ewaso Lions organizes periodic cleanup days in local community areas as a way to remove dangerous trash from the landscape, keep wildlife and livestock safe, and engage local people in environmental stewardship.

It was a very successful initiative with over 60 people from Samburu Reserve, Westgate Conservancy, Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Sasaab lodge, Samburu Intrepids lodge, Reticulated Giraffe Project, community members and 300 school kids from Lpus Leluai Primary school.┬áThis particular cleanup was for the Samburu-Isiolo Conservation and Tourism Forum, and organized by Ewaso Lions.

We congratulate and thank everyone for their efforts and participation. What a great day!

Jeneria speaks to school children about the importance of keeping the environment trash-free.

Rangers from the Reserve participated in the clean up.

Even young children pitched in and collected discarded plastic bags, tin cans, and other litter.