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Human-Lion Conflict Increases During Drought in Samburu

Apr 14, 2017 | Categories: Community, Lions, Other news, Reserves, Westgate Conservancy | 2 Comments


The Ewaso Nyiro River dried up in early January causing immense challenges for the wildlife, the local people and their livestock in the region.  Wildlife and livestock congregated at small waterholes, and human-lion conflict increased during this time.  Our team remained extra vigilant and responded quickly to conflict incidents. Carnivores stayed close to the river and were seen frequently  -including lions, cheetahs, leopard and the endangered wild dogs.

Together with our partners, we dug waterholes in the dry river and set up camera traps at night to see which animals came to drink from them.  In early April, some rain arrived and the normally dry river beds flowed for the first time in years. The Ewaso Nyiro Rive...

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Sixth Annual ‘Running for Lions’ Race in Samburu

Jun 9, 2015 | Categories: Community, Westgate Conservancy | 1 Comment

Runners pass Checkpoint 2 in the Running For Lions half marathon in northern Kenya.

On May 30th, dozens of community members participated in the 6th annual Running for Lions race in northern Kenya. More than 40 runners turned up for the big day and included Samburu elders, warriors, women, and children.

We are very excited to announce that Ewaso Lions staff members took several top positions: Moses, our Head of Security, took 1st place in the Half Marathon Elders Run. Letupukwa, our Cook, came in 2nd (1 hr 29 mins). Yesalai, our Field Officer, came in at 3rd place (1 hr 30 mins) in the Youth Run. Well done to all the runners!

At the end of the run, there were speeches by the organisers and partners who spoke about the importance of conservation with a special focus on protecting lions.

Five years ago, Ewas...

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Video: Lion Kills a Young Leopard

May 28, 2015 | Categories: Lions, Westgate Conservancy | Leave A Comment »


Warning: This video contains images that may be considered graphic to some people. We are sharing this because it depicts an uncommon behavior; a natural event that is interesting from an ecological and scientific perspective.

Jeneria was in the Westgate Conservancy's Conservation Area and recorded this incredible scene. A small leopard was killed by lions in the early morning. The lions chased the leopard up a tree. When the leopard came down, a lion swiped it. With one cuff, it was dead.

The lions played with the body before moving on. Lions are known to kill other carnivores, since they are competing for the same resources, like prey. We estimate the leopard to be about less than one year old.

Its mother had two cubs – an...

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Hundreds Turn Up for Opening Ceremony for Our New Camp

Apr 29, 2015 | Categories: Camp Life, Westgate Conservancy | 2 Comments

Mamas dancing. Photo by Tony Allport.

Close to 400 people turned up for the official opening ceremony of the new Ewaso Lions Conservation Centre on Saturday. Community members, partners, donors, and friends all gathered to mark this huge milestone for Ewaso Lions, and we are both thankful and humbled for such a turn out.

After having spent half the night erecting marquees, the team was up before dawn to ensure everything was ready. Soon, amidst a backdrop of celebratory song, lorry loads of community members began to arrive from all corners of Westgate Conservancy.

Arguably the most impressive entrance, however, came from our own Mama Simba ladies. Travelling by foot from their manyatta, the women could be heard long before they could be seen and, when they did arrive, ca...

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Digging Water Holes for Wildlife and People During The Drought

Mar 23, 2015 | Categories: Community, Other news, Westgate Conservancy | Leave A Comment »

Ewaso Lions staff and community members dig side-by-side to create water holes for people and wildlife in Samburu.

The Ewaso Nyiro river is one of the only permanent sources of freshwater in the region. It acts as a vital lifeline both for wildlife and the local people and their livestock. Yet, with no significant rainfall here in several months the river is empty and landscape is getting drier and dustier with each passing day.

Whilst carnivores tend to thrive during the dry season, it can be a challenging time for other species. This month, Ewaso Lions gathered together an enthusiastic team of “diggers”, including Ewaso Lions staff, members of our Warrior Watch and Mama Simba programmes, and several Westgate Conservancy Rangers.

Our mission: to dig waterholes for wildlife and the local community.

We arrived at the dry Ewaso Nyiro Riv...

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