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Mama Simba Women Tackle Waste Issues Through Visit to Western Kenya

Aug 24, 2016 | Categories: Community, Training | Leave A Comment »

Our Mama Simba coordinators, Munteli and Mparasaroi displaying baskets made with a technique using invasive water hyacinth. Photo by Ewaso Lions

In rural northern Kenya, Samburu women regularly buy staples such as sugar, tea and maize from local shops. These items always come packaged in plastic or thin nylon bags. The bags, along with other waste items, are often burned or discarded in the bush or around the manyattas, where livestock and wildlife may ingest them.

There are no waste disposal or recycling services here. In the past, the ladies said they would wait for the rains and then rush down to the river to let the surging water carry away their waste.

To face this environmental threat, Ewaso Lions has organised several clean up campaigns in the local villages to raise awareness about importance of a keeping the environment clean and healthy. At the same time, we know the...

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Read Our 2015 Annual Report

Jun 30, 2016 | Categories: Camp Life, Community, Donors, Education, Lions, Research, Reserves, Staff, Training, Warriors | Leave A Comment »

The cover shows a striking image of Lguret, the dominant male lion in our Samburu study area.

Our 2015 Annual Report has just been released and is available to download as a PDF. It contains highlights from 2015 in terms of conservation impact, operational growth, and important results that we were able to deliver thanks to your support.

The report was designed to give you a clear understanding of our work and our impact, with beautiful layouts and images. The report covers:

How we transform human-lion conflict; Our community conservation programs like Lion Kids Camp and Mama Simba; Using research and science to monitor lions and measure their survival across the landscape; 2015 highlights; And more.

We hope you enjoy it. Please share your feedback - we love hearing from you. Download the 2015 Annual Report here ...

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Women in Conservation: Expanding the Mama Simba Program

Nov 6, 2015 | Categories: Education, Training | 3 Comments

The Mama Simba women with Shivani in the classroom where they are learning to read and write.

Since launching our Mama Simba program in 2013, we have engaged 300 Samburu women in conservation. The core Mama Simba group consists of 10 women, who work with other women within their communities, thereby spreading conservation messaging through peer-to-peer sharing. The women participate in conservation training and litter removal campaigns, and report on lion sightings and conflict issues. In exchange, we set up weekly schooling to provide educational opportunities they never had before, and also offer training in new beaded art craft, so they can diversify their income.

Now, in response to strong positive feedback by participating women, we are expanding the Mama Simba program into new areas and offering new opportunities for th...

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New Guides Added to Lion Watch

Jun 25, 2014 | Categories: Training | 2 Comments

The seven new Lion Watch Guides holding their certificates after the training.

Ewaso Lions recently trained 7 safari guides from various lodges in Samburu to join our Lion Watch program. This makes a total of 20 Lion Watch guides in Samburu, who collect important lion data while they are on their daily gamedrives.

The 2-day training session covered ecology, conservation, identifying and aging lions, Samburu’s lions, and how to collect data on smart phones.

The most enjoyable part of the training was a “naming ceremony” where the guides voted for their favorite names as we named Nanai’s and Nabulu’s 5 cubs. There were more than 25 names to choose from - all suggested according to features and personalities of the lions and names the guides liked. The votes were tallied up and the names given to the 5 cu...

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Providing Training for Scouts, Warriors, Rangers, and the Public

Mar 13, 2014 | Categories: Training | Leave A Comment »

The Ewaso Lions Project provides workshops and training sessions for wildlife scouts, warriors, and community members on a variety of conservation-related topics.

Scout & Ranger Training We work with community conservancies to assist in training scouts and rangers in wildlife ecology and monitoring, the importance of conservation, minimizing human-predator conflict, and more. In 2011, we held three training sessions and trained a total of 45 scouts and rangers. Read more.

Warrior Training Through our Warrior Watch programme, we empower young Samburu morans, or warriors, in wildlife conservation management. Warriors receive training on basic wildlife ecology, conservation, communication, security issues, and the value of wild...

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