27 Kenyan Children Inspired by 4th Lion Kids Camp

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27 Kenyan kids participated in this month's Lion Kids Camp held by Ewaso Lions.

We have just concluded our 4th Lion Kids Camp which brought together 27 Kenyan children for five days of conservation education and fun.

For many children in rural parts of Kenya, an encounter with wildlife is mainly negative: they see elephants
chasing people, the remains of a camel after a
lion attack, or a leopard running off with their
goats. The Lion Kids Camp lets children experience a positive connection with wildlife. The Camp’s educational sessions, game drives, and exercises are designed to inspire children to be the next generation of park wardens, safari guides, and wildlife biologists.

For this month’s Lion Kids Camp, children from four Community Conservancies traveled to Westgate Conservancy. We were partic...

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Video: The Ewaso Nyiro River Flows Again

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The Ewaso Nyiro River dried up completely in February here in Samburu. Some stretches near Westgate still had a few pools of water but by the end of February, these were totally dry. We saw elephants and other wildlife dig for water but as the dry spell continued, the water levels were so low, that water was harder to come by.

Ewaso Lions, together with Warriors from Warrior Watch, ladies from Mama Simba, partnered with Westgate Conservancy rangers and dug 6 large waterholes in the dry river. Over the following days, we saw numerous wildlife species drink from the holes.

On the 22nd of March, we finally saw rain in the distance and even got a few drops.  But the river did not flow.

Finally, on the 23rd of March, our Lion Scout, Fr...

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The First Rains Arrive and Break the Dry Spell in Samburu

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Happy elephants, wet from the rain.

We just had three incredibly challenging days in the field. Our team of warriors (Marco, Yesalai, Lesiamito, Lekoyo and Letoiye) and I were heading back to camp, exhausted, grubby, and overwhelmed. The winds were strong and there was dust blowing everywhere.

As we were driving, we suddenly smelled rain – that unmistakably rich, earthy smell – in the distance. All of us stuck our heads out of the car, sniffing the air with big smiles on our faces.  Marco told me it was exactly what the cows do when they smell the first rains: stick their noses up towards the smell of the rain.

Suddenly, the first rain drops arrived and there was loud cheering in the car as the warriors recited “Ngai! Ngai!” (“God” in the Samburu langua...

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Digging Water Holes for Wildlife and People During The Drought

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Ewaso Lions staff and community members dig side-by-side to create water holes for people and wildlife in Samburu.

The Ewaso Nyiro river is one of the only permanent sources of freshwater in the region. It acts as a vital lifeline both for wildlife and the local people and their livestock. Yet, with no significant rainfall here in several months the river is empty and landscape is getting drier and dustier with each passing day.

Whilst carnivores tend to thrive during the dry season, it can be a challenging time for other species. This month, Ewaso Lions gathered together an enthusiastic team of “diggers”, including Ewaso Lions staff, members of our Warrior Watch and Mama Simba programmes, and several Westgate Conservancy Rangers.

Our mission: to dig waterholes for wildlife and the local community.

We arrived at the dry Ewaso Nyiro Riv...

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Meet Our New Sponsored Students

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This year we are providing scholarships to two additional students, Mellarny and France. Under the Ewaso Lions scholarship, school tuition is covered for four full academic years.

Mellarny Mayo grew up in a poor single parent family with her mother and two brothers. The family do not have any livestock, but are instead dependent on the mother earning from little businesses in their small home town.

Mellarny started her primary school education in Ngare Mara in the year 2006 under difficult circumstances; her family did not have enough money for books or a proper school uniform.

Mellarny has great potential and concentrates very hard on her education. However, Mellarny was totally demoralized when her mother was diagnosed as H...

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