Our 2018 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report Cover

We are delighted to present to you our 2018 Annual Report! 2018 was a year of firsts, and the wettest year in recent history with broad implications for the lions of northern Kenya. In our report, we are proud to introduce to you our Conservation Game, as well as a special segment on the partnerships we have forged in the past year to deploy northern Kenya’s first resident wildlife vet, and addressing challenges related to emergent mega infrastructure.  Read these stories and much more here»...

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Tragic fight to save a lion cub

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Nandi's one year old sitting comfortably, but unable to move her legs ©Jane Wynyard

April was a difficult month for Ewaso Lions as we kept watch over Nanai’s one-year old cub injured by a male lion in Samburu National Reserve. Shivani led the operation from Ewaso Lions’ side. From the Kenya Wildlife Service side, we are grateful that our resident vet and his team were on hand to make a professional assessment of her injuries, dart her and treat her. But after several agonizing days and nights,  keeping her safe and hoping she would show improvement, the vet took the harrowing decision to put her out of her misery.

While much of the team is not over the death, it was amazing to see how everyone rallied. Jeneria, Solomon and Yesalai did not leave her side for 5 days straight, with supplies of food, water and...

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Preparing for Change: Ewaso Lions attends ACLIE

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Integrating green and grey infrastructure in the wild lands of northern Kenya is coming into increasing focus for Ewaso Lions. The future of lions now not only depends on where people live and navigating safely through the landscape, it now also hinges on the effects of mega projects that are set to cut through our study area.

In March, in partnership with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, our joint Landscape Infrastructure Advisor Sarah Chiles and Ewaso Lions’ Research Manager Toby Otieno travelled to attend the inaugural African Conference for Linear Infrastructure and Ecology (ACLIE) held in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Centred around linear infrastructure, namely roads and rail, energy, power lines, canals, pipelines, and fenc...

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Dynasties Premiers in America

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Dynasties photo Attenborough & Shiv copy

Sir David Attenborough's newest documentary "Dynasties" is finally coming to the USA! On Saturday, 19th January, the breathtaking Lions film will go out as the first of the Dynasties series featuring Dr. Shivani Bhalla who was given the extraordinary chance to speak about lion conservation!

The series features five extraordinary animals, battling rivals and the forces of nature for the future of their families. In a rare break from the usual production reel about the making of their documentaries, BBC decided to ask an expert about the challenges lions face in people-dominated landscapes, and how we are dealing with them.  For us, this speaks to the authenticity of the work we do building a future for lions, giving hope to the wo...

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Jeneria’s exploits go global

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Jeneria on geo

Jeneria’s breakneck speed, passion and efficiency inspires us all every day, and is helping to build up the next generation of those who want to be just like him. We salute him, and the world salutes him too.

This October, Jeneria's life's work was the subject and feature of Geo Magazine in Germany.  Thanks to friend and incredible photographer David Chancellor, not only is there a stunning image of him on the cover page, but the magazine also includes a 6-page main feature article on what he has done to secure the future of lions by promoting coexistence between them and the people that live alongside them.

We love Jeneria’s humility and laser focus on his work. When Shivani told Jeneria of this new exciting occurrence, he...

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