“Lions Are My Life”: Part 2 of Jeneria’s Story

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Photo of Jeneria with Dr. Jane Goodall

This is the second part of a feature on Jeneria Lekilelei, Ewaso Lions Field Operations and Community Manager. Click here to read Part 1.

You came up with the idea behind Ewaso Lions’ flagship outreach program Warrior Watch. Can you explain your motivation for this program and its progress since its launch in 2010?

I came up with the idea for Warrior Watch after I saw the challenges we were facing to keep lions safe. A warrior’s job is to protect livestock, and when livestock are killed it’s the warriors who need to respond. The only way we can succeed in protecting lions is to get the warriors involved in conservation decision-making. We can make them ambassadors to keep lions safe.

Since 2010, the program is progressing ve...

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From Goat Herding to Lion Conservation: The Story of a Samburu Warrior. Part 1

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Photo of Jeneria smiling

Meet Jeneria Lekilelei, a young Samburu warrior who comes from the Sasaab area in Westgate Community Conservancy, Samburu, Kenya. Jeneria started working with Ewaso Lions in 2008 as a Lion Scout and has since taken a substantial leadership role in his current position as Field Operations and Community Manager. Jeneria is a wildlife hero and true ambassador for lions, wildlife and conservation in Kenya. In this two part series, Jeneria tells us his story.

You come from Sasaab village here in Westgate Conservancy. Can you describe what it was like growing up here as a child/young moran (warrior)?

When I was a young boy, I used to herd livestock. Conservation was so unknown to me. I didn’t care about wildlife. I grew up looking aft...

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Five Students Receiving Scholarships from Wildlife

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Photo of Kenyan student, Solomon Lmantari

Education is Crucial for Conservation

Tomorrow’s wildlife leaders must be equipped with a solid education today, empowering them to make informed choices to tackle the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and people. Ewaso Lions has incorporated education into our conservation programs from the beginning. Looking ahead, we are refining our approach to conservation education. Our new Conservation Education Program aims to maximize impact, streamline project administration, and evaluate for effectiveness.

Meet Kalastar

We have hired a new Education Officer, Kalastar Lekalaille, to design, coordinate, and help carry out all our conservation education activities. These include supervising all students sponsored by Ewaso Lions, ...

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Help Lions On #GivingTuesday

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This Tuesday, December 2nd, you can join #GivingTuesday – the global movement to support charities and causes that are making a difference for good. Please show your support by making your donation to Ewaso Lions on #GivingTuesday 2014 was another important year for our mission to promote coexistence between lions and local communities in northern Kenya. Thanks to your support, we were able to defend lions from retaliatory killings, start new programs like Mama Simba, and expand our work into new areas. Click here to read more. Watch and share Ewaso Lions’ #GivingTuesday video We made this short video to thank you for your support this #GivingTuesday Warm greetings and many thanks, The Ewaso Lions Team

> Click here to make a...

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Building the New Ewaso Lions Camp

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Photo of camp being built.

We are extremely excited to officially share a big announcement. For months and months, we have been hard at work to build a new home for the Ewaso Lions team. Today, we are sharing the first photos of what will be the new Ewaso Lions Conservation Camp!

Many of you have seen -- or even visited -- the Camp we have called home since 2008. Located in Westgate Conservancy, near Sasaab Lodge, just outside Samburu National Reserve, our old Camp was a make-shift and temporary base. In the beginning, we started with two small tents and a fly-sheet, and a "kitchen" made of burlap. We survived (sometimes barely it seems!) rainstorms that crushed our tents, scorching sun that ate our fly-sheets, and numerous pests that invaded our kitchen.

Over ...

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