August 10th is World Lion Day

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The 10th of August 2013 marks the first World Lion Day, which has been organized to raise global awareness about the steep decline of Africa’s lion population. World Lion Day encourages individuals and groups to hold campaigns or events that support conservation efforts on the ground.

Ewaso Lions has been designated as a group which should be considered for support. More information on World Lion Day can be found at

Ewaso Lions is participating in World Lion Day by hosting an event here in Samburu. On August 10th, we will acknowledge and thank the “Friends of Ewaso Lions” – the numerous local community members who support and assist Ewaso Lions in our conservation efforts.

These “Friends” often notify us about lion locations via text messages, phone or radio calls; accompany our Lion Scouts to places where human-wildlife conflict has occurred; and even provide additional security when we respond to high-risk wildlife situations such as threats to kill lions. The “Friends” form an important network across our study area that greatly increases the amount of information reaching Ewaso Lions, while also building goodwill for conservation across communities.

Ewaso Lions will give talks on lions and the importance of conserving them, and emphasize how important it is to have continued support through the vast network of “Friends” that assist us all with our work.

Celebrate with us!

The “Friends of Ewaso Lions” include you, too. We recognize and thank all our Friends and supporters from around the world. Please help us celebrate World Lion Day and raise awareness about lion conservation. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a donation to our Friends of Ewaso Lions event
  • Post about Ewaso Lions and World Lion Day on Facebook and Twitter
  • Hold your own World Lion Day fundraiser event in your hometown. Click here for ideas.


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» Paresh U Buch said: { Aug 9, 2016 - 09:08:14 }

m proud that I M from Lions living with us (I m from Junagadh Near Gir Forest)